[WIP] Developing On Windows

This is the content of my super blog post.

  1. WSL + minikube

  2. https://github.com/andy-5/wslgit

  3. https://daverupert.com/2018/04/developing-on-windows-with-wsl-and-visual-studio-code/

    don't ever touch linux files from windows, it will ruin linux permission making it unusable, rather keep files in 'windows part' (/mnt/c/... from linux point of view)

    don't use docker desktop kubernetes, it can't provide proper linux rights for files/directories when you try to use PVC, for example bitnami postgres won't start. Minikube installed with minikube.exe works just fine.

    Exclude WSL from AV scanning if you have one, it slows down WSL beyond belief.